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oolite / оолит, икряной камень
имя существительное
oolite, pisolite
икряной камень
oolite, roe-stone
In the process of being buried under other sediments, these ooids can fuse into a solid mass of sedimentary rock called oolite .
At Taskent the upper layer of oolite is more resistant but sharply truncated beneath stromatolites of the overlying Gevne Formation.
The carbonate products are made up of oolitic grains, oolitic gravels, benthic foraminifers and crinoid ossicles, in decreasing order of abundance.
His fieldwork, beginning over 60 years ago in the Svalbard Archipelago, Norway, and Greenland, recognized obvious glacial marine deposits bounded above and below by oolitic limestones that suggested tropical deposition.
However, in the northeastern area of the outcrop, only the lowermost 0-2 m consist of calcareous sandstone, with oolites , biothermal limestones and crinoidal limestones characterizing the remainder.
The sample was taken from a thin limestone lens with phosphatic oolites within the phosphatic greensand.
An exception is the minor cyclicity noted in Chadian oolitic limestones of South Wales, but these are restricted geographically, and it is likely that they reflect local controls rather than eustatic ones.
Cycles are common, with deeper water bioclastic limestones at their base, followed by shallow marine oolitic limestones and lagoonal calcareous mudstones, with palaeokarstic horizons representing emergence at their top.
Suitable white wine soil tends to have more oolitic limestone and less marl in its make-up.
Greensand, coal, rock salt, coral limestone, oolites , and boulder clays are examples of indicators of depositional environments.