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ooh / Ух!
utter such an exclamation.
visitors oohed and aahed at the Christmas tree
имя существительное
an utterance of ‘ooh’.
the oohs and aahs of the enthusiastic audience
used to express a range of emotions including surprise, delight, or pain.
ooh, this is fun
ooh, this is fun
Let's all rush out now and get hold of whatever stocks of telescopes, binoculars and magnifying glasses we can, crowd the streets at midnight and ooh !
My bracelet is silver, so no gold please. update: ooh ooh ooh !
No; there can be as many angels in the same place as want to be, because spirit - ooh !
No, I really don't need my body right about now, not with this blistering pain arching through my wrists and arms and shoulders and… and… ooh , endorphins, now my spine feels all stretchy and spready.
I wish it were Christmas, with the family and gifts and wassail and - ooh ! the music.
But ooh , yes, what a pleasant surprise. Definitely weird and a teeny bit twisted - but also very listenable.
If my typing seems unusually quirky and vivacious this morning, it's because I just installed a new wireless keyboard and mouse. ooh !
Then that dot gets bigger, until finally it grows arms and a head… We started yelling, ooh , ahh, I want to kill somebody.
Upgrade by downloading a browser that supports web standards, and chances are that you'll have a far better online experience not only on this site, but - ooh , I dunno - at least ten or twelve others.