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oodles / огромное количество, множество
имя существительное
огромное количество
sea, oodles, ocean, ream
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, oodles
имя существительное
a very great number or amount of something.
if only I had oodles of cash
It was designed to be a state-of-the-art installation, and would, it was claimed, save them oodles of money.
Would anybody have trouble finding oodles of examples of symptoms in the modern Republican Party matching these?
The Waterhead offers the best of both worlds - an idyllic lakeside location with oodles of contemporary chic and no chintz in sight.
It's amazing how many people seem to think I'm just starved for companionship and have oodles of free time to kill.
Record sales are strong, that are making oodles of money.
And at the dining hall of the Games Village, they flocked for an evening of lip-smacking fare and oodles of fun.
The first thing such a law would do is put more power in the hands of the politicians, judiciary and people with oodles of money to spend on themselves.
Soon your rich friends will hate themselves and will buy you oodles of drinks constantly just to assure themselves that they still have friends.
if only I had oodles of cash
Anyway, while I won't have oodles of free time, I might have the occasional hour or two off.