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onward / вперед, далее, дальше
forward, ahead, forth, forwards, before, onward
further, onwards, farther, onward
further, farther, next, beyond, forward, onward
имя прилагательное
progressive, advanced, forward, onward, accelerating, forward-looking
движущийся вперед
идущий вперед
onward, upcoming
in a continuing forward direction; ahead.
she stumbled onward
имя прилагательное
going further rather than coming to an end or halt; moving forward.
oil was pumped to a port for onward shipment
The goal is to whisk containers away from the congested port areas to inland yards, where they can be sorted for their onward journeys.
The Delphin, which docked in Cape Town yesterday, will set sail from Port Elizabeth and spend a day here before her onward journey to Durban.
Professors should be Platonic Buffalo Bills, herding students onward and upward.
I've also noticed that in a business where many practitioners are looking to move onward and upward, people on the editorial pages usually seem to have arrived.
It was that same unquenchable thirst for knowledge which had propelled Mecha out of the night of an earlier, smaller existence onward and upward to a brighter future.
We continued onward among the fields, brown at this time of year.
I apologize, maybe one day I'll fix them, but until then: onward and upward!
Several airports closed, leaving crews and jets out of position for onward journeys.
The riders will enjoy a breakfast provided by Pendle Council before they are bidden a safe onward journey to Ingleton.
They were transferred to another ambulance for the onward journey.