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ontology / онтология
имя существительное
имя существительное
the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being.
For such reasons as these Heidegger believes that ontology and phenomenology coincide.
This particular official chooses not to be limited by scientific ontology .
What is being questioned in Heidegger's ontology is the move from existent to existence.
One might have a generic naturalistic ontology - everything is the result of mechanistic processes.
Since epistemology follows ontology , humans are the ones that determine what is true and what it not true.
These include matters of epistemology, ontology , semantics, and logic.
It was not all that concerned with the ontology or metaphysics of the natural sciences.
This question, we have seen, is also a central concern in Mead's ontology and epistemology.
The argument operated at the level of the fundamental ontology of the rival philosophies.
Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy consisting of ontology and cosmology.
Yet there has been real overlap between philosophy and cognitive science in ontology .