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ontogeny / онтогенез
имя существительное
ontogenesis, ontogeny
Delineation of species has traditionally been based on morphological characteristics, especially macroconidium ontogeny , and species have been named based on host association.
Measurement of the distinguishing characteristics of the skeleton - the skull and pelvis - led some anatomists to conclude that white women ranked below European men in the scales of both ontogeny and phylogeny.
Heterometry should be applicable only to morphological features that are considered fixed in number through ontogeny .
Hmm… Since ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny I don't think there actually is a completion of the quest.
However, the examination of specific cases may still yield valuable insight into the relationship between phylogeny, ontogeny and ecology.
However helpful this removal can be, there needs also to be a cohesive model of homologies that can draw upon the integration of morphology, ontogeny , and paleontology.
Selection may act to modify ontogeny and ultimately determine morphology and function.
There shall always be exceptions, but the rule is that heredity to a large extent determines the environment in which we are going to live - or ontogeny determines phylogeny.
His finding of parallels between ontogeny , paleontology, and morphology was rapidly adopted by biologists like Haeckel and used to support evolution.
Heterochronic evolution has been defined as a morphological change inscribed within an ontogenetic trajectory that produces parallelism between ontogeny and phylogeny.