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onto / на, в
on, to, at, in, for, onto
in, to, at, into, on, onto
moving to a location on (the surface of something).
they went up onto the ridge
moving aboard (a public conveyance) with the intention of traveling in it.
we got onto the train
Stepping back from the car into the middle of the road was like stepping onto the surface of the moon.
We stumble drunk onto a train, and I snore and dribble on your more-than-ample chest.
And then the rich will continue to drive while the poor are herded onto public transport.
Hide the bottom edge of a mirror with gravel to help prevent mud splashing onto the surface.
Try as he did, the Dane could not manage to get the ball far enough onto the putting surface to stop it rolling back to his feet.
Most of my hair was up but some loose ends fell into my face and down onto my shoulders.
Neil would've gotten her changing onto a Thameslink train and ending up at Farringdon.
Then they all swooshed onto the sub train and the train swooshed us to another terminal.
Tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and push it into a flat round or oval about 2.5cm thick.
Using a fine nozzle, the design is extruded onto the surface in a manner a bit like icing a cake.