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onslaught / натиск, нападение, атака
имя существительное
onslaught, onset, rush, push, onrush, dash
attack, assault, offense, onslaught, aggression, charge
attack, assault, charge, onslaught, thrust, onset
имя существительное
a fierce or destructive attack.
a series of onslaughts on the citadel
Yet he also believes that the relentless media onslaught of ‘perfect’ male images has contributed.
England faced a fierce onslaught from South Africa for much of the match and Woodward was impressed with what he saw.
Capture the flag; the blues struggle to hold back the onslaught of the attacking yellows.
in some parks the onslaught of cars and people far exceeds capacity
Another area of concern for IT professionals has been the growing onslaught of spam.
an onslaught of electronic mail
In fact, the proliferation of viruses and the onslaught of spam have left companies and consumers staggering.
Shell crumbled before the onslaught , and the Brent Spar was taken off to a Norwegian fjord.
The Russian army collapsed under this onslaught and the attack was initially incredibly successful.
When the memories came flooding back she only just managed to hold back an onslaught of tears.