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onsite / местный, локальный
имя прилагательное
local, spot, topical, regional, indigenous, on-site
local, topical, topic, brush-fire, on-site
имя прилагательное
taking place or situated on a particular site or premises.
Residents said that another great aspect of living in retirement housing is the on-site services on offer.
I did have the distinct advantage of having on-site Irish cousins, though I had never met them.
The limited scope of most local disasters does not require extensive planning for the management of on-site fatalities.
The site will have access via a new on-site road, straight onto the proposed Thames Gateway Bridge.
Travelling in for the night events is an option but, as with most weekenders, you only get the full feel if you stay on-site for the weekend.
Huge flying sculptures by leading kite artists hung in the air alongside tiny creations made by children in on-site workshops.
She was so proud to have this tiny package of candy on-site that day.
His main reason for opening on Thomas St. is that he'll be able to provide on-site parking for customers.
The disposal of medical waste through on-site incinerators would be a cure that is worse than the disease itself.
Internet access facilities and meeting rooms will also be available for visitors within the on-site hotel.
A purpose-built garden office is cheaper to build than a loft conversion or an extension and can be assembled on-site in a day or so.