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onshore / на берегу
на берегу
ashore, on shore
имя прилагательное
situated or occurring on land.
an onshore oil field
Mr. Ambani also announced that the company has struck oil in an onshore block in Yemen.
It takes us some way - it does get the assets to the iwi, at least in relation to the onshore assets.
It helps that most Russian oil is onshore and that surveys have revealed where much of that oil is, so it's relatively easy to get at.
Strong onshore winds can produce sightings of sea-birds during cold weather including petrels and sea-ducks.
The Maui field has about three and a half times the estimated potential of the new field, but this is significant and eclipses Kapuni, the onshore field in South Taranaki.
The only service industries to remain onshore will be those where the servicer has to be physically close to the consumer.
Currents also change from offshore to onshore, and combined with strong winds blowing onshore , anything that floats has a tendency to head this way.
The famous old onshore oil fields around Baku, which in the early twentieth century produced half of the entire world oil production, are now exhausted, and new deposits have not been found.
The second generation of the company came in the late 80s when Bissett sought to increase shareholder value by looking at exploration opportunities in onshore oil and gas.
Some onshore wind power is now price-competitive with fossil fuels, though investors still worry about the newness of the technology.