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onset / начало, натиск, атака
имя существительное
start, starting, beginning, outbreak, origin, onset
onslaught, onset, rush, push, onrush, dash
attack, assault, charge, onslaught, thrust, onset
имя существительное
the beginning of something, especially something unpleasant.
the onset of winter
Normally, an extended period of milder weather which delays the onset of winter's extremes would be seen as a cause for heartfelt celebration.
However in some patients, the onset of symptoms is sudden; this is usually seen in patients with a neurological basis for their illness.
At that point, a number of drugs in clinical trials could be administered that may postpone or perhaps prevent the onset of dementia.
The country is also bracing itself for the onset of winter, with temperatures expected to plummet tomorrow and hover just above freezing on December 25.
The onset of winter appears to have been delayed, throwing many plants into confusion.
At least five per cent of all MS patients experience the onset of their disease before the age of 18.
the onset of winter
One patient had a late onset of respiratory failure at 144 hours after surgery.
Physically and mentally frail, he is considered incapable of penning his own memoirs and is said to have only limited capacity for spilling his story owing to the onset of dementia.
Many patients trace the onset of IBS to episodes of gastro intestinal infections, gastro intestinal surgery or severe stress.