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onomatopoeia / звукоподражание, ономатопея
имя существительное
имя существительное
the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g., cuckoo , sizzle ).
If you're sceptical about the role played by sound symbolism and straight-out onomatopoeia in word origins, Liberman marshals some impressive evidence in its favour.
I've been thinking recently about onomatopoeia : the sound words we use to describe actions.
One remarkable piece appears to be a superhero story, but all the words, including the onomatopoeia , read together as a short memoir of the author's childhood.
From time to time, of course, name and music fuse, and you get a kind of etymological perfection that's somehow close to onomatopoeia .
‘Zing’ was the only proper onomatopoeia one could ever really come up with.
Yet the aural discipline plays a major part in poetic meaning, in ways that go far beyond mere onomatopoeia .
It's interesting to me that in your work, apart from an obvious concern about ethics per se here, the text itself almost becomes cyborgian, almost becomes genetically modified and that's what you're talking about - the onomatopoeia .
This seems like the sort of place that would take onomatopoeia too far.
It's obvious I'm horribly out of place: I don't know what onomatopoeia means, I don't like metafiction, I haven't read any of the Brontë sisters, and I don't care about the correct placement of semi-colons; I'm on edge.
The Latin word was tussis, with its own form of onomatopoeia , giving modern words like toux, tosse (Italian and Portuguese), and toz (Spanish).
The only words that appear are a few onomatopoeia such as ‘ring,’ ‘poff’ and ‘boom.’