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only / всего, только, лишь
only, in all, altogether, all in all
only, alone, but, merely, solely, simply
only, but, barely
but, yet, only, and
имя прилагательное
only, single, sole, singular, one, exclusive
exceptional, exclusive, only, sole, extraordinary, singular
имя прилагательное
alone of its or their kind; single or solitary.
the only medal we had ever won
and no one or nothing more besides; solely or exclusively.
there are only a limited number of tickets available
with the negative or unfortunate result that.
she turned into the parking car, only to find her way blocked
except that; but for the fact that.
he is still a young man, only he seems older because of his careworn expression
He ran away to become an actor, only to discover there were no acting schools in the city.
Continuing to falsely condemn Israel in knee jerk fashion will only hasten that outcome.
This is just their sixth ever meeting and only once has a match consisted of less then three goals.
he's the only man for the job
It was only after they had signed up that they discovered they would in fact have to pay for this service.
Working on this is something that happens only once in an archaeologist's lifetime.
Kenneth is only 17 and was hardly made for the job of shadowing one as elusive as Bellamy.
However do you expect to r-run an operation as c-complex as this with only a staff of seven?
My doctor gets miffed when taking my blood pressure only to discover that it is fine.
We are a small special school and a decline in only a small number of children can affect the budget.