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onlooker / зритель, наблюдатель, свидетель
имя существительное
viewer, spectator, onlooker, beholder, bystander, looker-on
observer, watcher, supervisor, spectator, onlooker, bystander
witness, eyewitness, bystander, onlooker, deponent, third person
имя существительное
a nonparticipating observer; a spectator.
a crowd of fascinated onlookers
On one occasion an onlooker also tied the jackets, but others in the crowd were not satisfied and asked that they could secure him further with chains and handcuffs.
Bomb disposal experts first x-rayed the bag while a crowd of curious onlookers gathered.
Watched by a crowd of onlookers three firefighters went into the water and used a canal side crane to hoist the shivering animal out.
The tide was still ebbing furiously and the course lay once again upwind, and for a few minutes I amused some onlooking fisherman by not making any headway at all.
The onlooking Romans were stunned and horrified, and Brutus immediately arranged for a public funeral where he could placate the masses by justifying the assassination.
Connected by an air line to a surface boat, he entered the loch as a crowd of onlookers cheered him on.
His motorcade arrived at the back of the hotel but a small crowd of onlookers spotted him.
Arriving at the scene, police found a number of onlookers and witnesses still in the area.
The camera then proceeds to pan around to a small group of onlookers witnessing the execution.
All females in the vicinity immediately start strutting their stuff, leaving onlooking males unsure as to what just hit them.