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ongoing / постоянный, непрерывный, происходящий в настоящее время
имя прилагательное
constant, standing, permanent, continuous, regular, ongoing
continuous, unbroken, uninterrupted, continued, continual, ongoing
происходящий в настоящее время
имя существительное
behavior, conduct, demeanor, actions, action, ongoing
behavior, doing, doings, ongoings, ongoing, goings-on
имя прилагательное
continuing; still in progress.
ongoing negotiations
During those investigations the council provided ongoing support to the victims.
The first issue is whether or not you can afford these increased payments on an ongoing basis.
It certainly will help with our ongoing negotiations to obtain a football league share.
The company continues to be dogged by an ongoing dispute with the Ordinance Survey.
Its two separate roles are emergency response and an ongoing developmental one.
From these pictures we can deduce a number of recommendations for the ongoing care of the patient.
Discussions about the introduction of a ban have been ongoing since last year.
Haphazard payers who dip in and out of the red on a regular basis may prefer an ongoing cheaper rate.
This consultation remains ongoing and as a result, no date has been set for closure.
The new officer will bring the sport together and lead its ongoing development.