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oneself / себя, себе, сам
himself, yourself, themselves, itself, myself, oneself
himself, yourself, itself, themselves, myself, oneself
himself, itself, myself, self, yourself, oneself
a person's own self.
it is difficult to wrest oneself away
used to emphasize that one does something individually or unaided.
the idea of publishing a book oneself
in one's normal and individual state of body or mind; not influenced by others.
freedom to be oneself
In prayer, one comes to a better understanding of oneself and achieves spiritual development.
Why subject oneself voluntarily to the kind of pain involved in running 21K?
One argument for this view is that one is or could be aware of oneself as the subject of each and every one of one's conscious experiences.
That's what comes from subjecting oneself to confusion and some painfully obvious bias on both sides of the argument.
the idea of publishing a book oneself
the idea of publishing a book oneself
This is all true, although perhaps MC900 ftB is asking why the emphasis lies in being convincing, rather than being oneself .
One just has to be oneself
This is work that one does on oneself to turn oneself into an ethical subject.
it is difficult to wrest oneself away