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one-way / односторонний, направленный в одну сторону
имя прилагательное
unilateral, one-sided, lopsided, irreciprocal, one-way, one-legged
направленный в одну сторону
имя прилагательное
moving or allowing movement in one direction only.
a one-way valve
The capsule admits afferent lymphatic vessels containing valves that provide one-way flow into the subcapsular sinus.
This music is a one-way ticket to your own personal paradise.
Prior to testing, stimulus males were kept for some days in aquaria with a one-way mirror on one side to acclimatize them with their reflected image.
Mostly, though, evaluation in family therapy training has been a one-way , top-down process.
Gladstone Street will then be one-way to the Quay.
Some journeys it would take off a mile because you would be able to miss out the ring road and one-way system and save time and money for the customers.
I hope that the most significant message that comes across from the guideline to patients and practitioners is that treatment is not simply a one-way process.
It was open wide enough to let cars pass through on the one-way road.
Ultz's set, a bleak waiting room, is behind a wall of reflecting glass, made transparent by a lighting change: the play holds a one-way mirror up
He told members that the proposed plan does not preclude the retention of a one-way system on Distillery Road, and accepted that this might be a good idea.