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one-touch / одно касание
одно нажатие
в одно касание
одно касание
single touch, one click
имя прилагательное
(of an electrical device or facility) able to be operated simply at or as though at the touch of a button.
Dyson engineers also focused on designing a dustbin that would empty easily and hygienically, so the Telescope features a new one-touch trigger action that lets the user empty the bin without fuss or mess.
Isdn connection is optional and there are 100 speed dials and ten one-touch dials.
It isn't a small unit, but the Perfection's trio of one-touch buttons allow for quick operation.
The rear seats fold 60/40 and completely flat with a one-touch operation and there's no need to remove headrests, leaving a splendid load area.
A twist knob in the center stack raises or lowers the window (with one-touch operation) or opens it as a vent.
The MX Duo also has a full-featured keyboard, complete with the additional F function keys and many one-touch buttons.
Nokia, by contrast, refuses to resell phones under the network operators, restricting itself to occasional tweaks such as, say, an extra button for one-touch access to Vodafone Live.
There are the usual four one-touch buttons on the front of the PDA and below the screen.
There are one-touch electric front windows and they have a feature that prevents them closing on children's heads.
The specification offers a panoramic electric sunroof, which is made up of two flush-fitting panels, one fixed the other moveable, and opened by a one-touch rotary electric switch.
The windows all have one-touch operation and they close automatically when it rains.