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one-to-one / один к одному
имя прилагательное
один к одному
It's much more intensive than a normal pre-school and he really benefits from the one-to-one .
Furthermore, I was having a one-to-one with my trainee, and he had absolutely no right to interfere in that process.
The school nurse could have a routine drop-in time in the school where there was an option of a one-to-one for the pupils to talk about issues that are bothering them.
It was enough to start a career that 10 years later would have her talking one-to-one to the leader of her adopted home.
We noticed that in a smaller school you have more of a one-to-one with the teachers, and the school is like a community.
At a one-to-one with a panel of cricketers on Sunday, the boys shot some questions which the professionals had a hard time answering.
He's an excellent communicator with the lads - he'd be doing one-to-ones with them on the phone, meeting up with them.
What I can say is that he has worked hard on one-to-ones this month.
Most of my day is then spent in meetings - board, audit or one-to-ones with senior executives.
Lisa found herself being nominated to have a few one-to-ones with Nash, telling her she was toeing the line.