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one-time / бывший, былой, прошлый
имя прилагательное
former, ex, old, onetime, late, last
erstwhile, onetime, olden, departed, lapsed
last, past, backward, bygone, onetime, overpast
имя прилагательное
a one-time football player
of or relating to a single occasion.
a one-time charge
It anticipates a one-time charge of $100 million in the second quarter related to the staff reductions.
Caldera will take a one-time charge of $450,000, about half of its quarterly income.
I would like to think it was one-time shot, mailing them all out at once, myself.
A one-time student activist in Liberia now makes his home in the United States.
Including these one-time charges, Symantec reported earnings per share of zero cents.
It consists of the former Egyptian embassy and a one-time annexe to Russia's embassy knocked together.
Rejected in his own country, the one-time toast of Broadway has finally to rely for validation on the subsidised theatre in England.
The good news is that there has been a complete culture change at Riverlands, the one-time Sauvignon Blanc factory.
Once again, one-time sources of revenues are expected to keep budget deficits down.
Teams that pay the luxury tax might be able to use a one-time opportunity to cut one player.