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one-shot / один выстрел
имя прилагательное
achieved with a single attempt or action.
there is no one-shot solution to the problem
Of course, that was more of a one-shot deal being at Indy for us, although we did run obviously one car in the IRL series last year.
Transgovernmental networks are not one-shot deals.
This behavior is desired by some applications, for example, Samba, where one-shot support mimics the behavior of the file change notification system on Microsoft Windows.
One which happened almost as an accident was the one-shot story, ‘Children of Doom,’ which appeared in Charlton Premiere #2.
If the kiss was a one-shot deal and you can forgive her, then do that.
And I think from a human point of view it also makes sense that it shouldn't be just a one-shot mission.
This is unique model fosters an amazing community and an openness as members are not there for a one-shot deal, but are ongoing members.
What is disturbing about the rebates is not the rebates themselves, but the fact they're a one-shot .
So always remember that your proposed or recently implemented computer consulting technology solution isn't a one-shot deal.
‘We do not want this case to be a one-shot deal but the start of the immigration authorities allowing detainees to receive food,’ she said.