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one-off / одноразового употребления, одноразовый
имя прилагательное
одноразового употребления
disposable, one-off
disposable, one-off
имя существительное
something done, made, or happening only once, not as part of a regular sequence.
the meeting is a one-off
имя прилагательное
done, made, or happening only once and not repeated.
one-off tax deductible donations to charity
Even amongst the company he kept, Gary was a one-off .
It will replace the existing one-off tax on income.
It turns out that this isn't a one-off , but happens every Friday in the summer.
Sonny, of Bolton Woods, was a one-off , an irreplaceable character known both in and out of the horse fraternity.
First of all, distinguish between one-off consumption, such as at a party, and habitual alcohol intake, as measured over an average week.
Paul is treating the meeting as a one-off at present.
What happened with my brother wasn't a one-off .
The department said it was still too early to say if the improvement in the public finances would continue as some of the increase in tax revenues were from one-off items.
‘No-one should think Roy is a one-off in wanting to speak his mind and stand up,’ the Celtic manager pointed out.
You can make one-off donations or regular transfers to a charity by direct debit or standing order.