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one-horse / одноконный, однолошадный, в одну лошадиную силу
имя прилагательное
в одну лошадиную силу
имя прилагательное
drawn by or using a single horse.
In 1848 American Agriculturist praised new wagons light enough to be pulled by only two horses. By the 1860s one-horse wagons were available.
A person from a one-horse village would be as ill-prepared.
Much better surrounding hill towns like Ramatuelle, or the one-horse village of La Mole near my bed and breakfast.
Grandma Abbey needed a doctor again, and after an anxious wait, he arrived, hitched his one-horse shay to the front-yard post and entered the house where he put his travel-worn black bag on the kitchen table.
In this one-horse tech town dominated by MIT, it's fun to think what this might mean.
So it was done and they were on their way back to the little cottage in the one-horse cart.
Hopper is your standard closet intellectual, the kind of guy who could make something of himself if he could only get out of his one-horse hometown.
Four hundredweight in a one-horse cart was low in comparison with the weights carried by scheduled carriers but it is a plausible average to use for traffic on the rural roads of Cheshire.
With the royal stables under siege near the Château d' Eau, the royal family escaped the Tuileries in three one-horse carriages.
Racing Hall of Fame jockey Eddie D, injured Friday in a one-horse spill at Del Mar, will be out of action for the remainder of the Del Mar meeting.
A one-horse cart could carry much more than a packhorse but travelled more slowly.