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one-dimensional / одномерный
имя прилагательное
having or relating to a single dimension.
one-dimensional curves
But aside from the occasional wobble in his unrelenting vampirophobia, he's a bit… one-dimensional .
In one-dimensional Clobber, stones are arranged in a single row or column.
Don't get me wrong, this record has enough hot beats and club appeal to get by, but the lyrics are just super derivative and one-dimensional .
They almost become one-dimensional to an extent, because they are so focused on that specific type of music that it's hard for them to branch out.
And, sorry to be petty, but the right-left political model is actually one-dimensional , not two dimensional.
What happens as a result is you begin to see these people, not as real people, but as flat, one-dimensional type of people.
But the characters are mostly one-dimensional stereotypes with little engaging depth.
There are, without doubt, as many socially one-dimensional men as there are women, but I have yet to find them in the same quantities.
Considering how one-dimensional the persona is he does a pretty good job of it, aided by the cast of thousands and a script with pretty good taste in bad taste.
But we're restless people, we're never gonna be satisfied with something so one-dimensional .