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oncoming / надвигающийся, предстоящий, приближающийся
имя прилагательное
oncoming, imminent, impendent
coming, forthcoming, impending, ahead, oncoming, toward
coming, oncoming, forthcoming
future, next, prospective, coming, unborn, oncoming
имя существительное
approximation, approach, forthcoming, oncoming, imminence, adit
имя прилагательное
approaching; moving toward.
she walked into the path of an oncoming car
имя существительное
the fact of being about to happen in the near future.
the oncoming of age
Birds filled the woods with their songs, despite the oncoming winter.
‘They're doing a good job of it,’ Adam said as Hannah swerved dangerously close to an oncoming car.
Will the change in barometric pressure or the oncoming of precipitation give an allergy sensitive person a headache?
Two cars collided and another careened across in front of oncoming traffic and it was really a bad scene.
Grogan advises drivers to pull over when oncoming cars approach.
In the past the sneeze may have signalled the potential oncoming of a severe illness
Anyone who has rushed to get across a Hong Kong street in front of oncoming traffic knows that moving on two feet can be dangerous here.
Each receiver detects the oncoming of the data signals with the maximum delay on the transmission paths.
A police spokesman said the Clio is believed to have careered out of control and mounted the roadside kerb before catapulting across the road towards oncoming traffic and ploughing into the van.
Most of the wildlife was preparing for the oncoming winter.