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once-over / беглый просмотр, быстрый, но внимательный взгляд, беглый осмотр
имя существительное
беглый просмотр
look-see, once-over
быстрый, но внимательный взгляд
беглый осмотр
perfunctory inspection, once-over
имя существительное
a rapid inspection or search.
some doctor came and gave us all a once-over
She leaned back on Mephisto, and gave him a once-over .
Why do people do a once-over cleaning on their house right before a housecleaner comes to do that very thing?
He gave Melanie a once-over , and shot Eon a confused look.
But what if your home needs more than a cosmetic once-over ?
‘Yuk’, Eddie commented as he gave her a once-over , rubbing the end of his nose.
Kyle walked over to Stephen, still unconscious, and gave him a once-over .
Then she gives my clothes a once-over , suddenly scrutinizing the outfit Sini picked out for me as if it is the most important thing in the whole world.
I can only just about type - if having hooves wasn't bad enough - and I hope the grand lads in the office at Walmgate give this a once-over with a spell-checker.
Now executives treat the plan as a work in progress, giving it a thorough once-over every quarter and reviewing some parts weekly.
I gave him a once-over as he looked at me oddly because of my strange comment.