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on-screen / на экране
на экране
on the screen
имя прилагательное
shown or appearing in a movie or television program.
on-screen violence
Together, these two click, exuding the on-screen chemistry that is vital to the success of a movie like this.
Of course, it doesn't hurt that chicks dig him both in the audience and on-screen .
The second explains caddie tips that appear on-screen , which give you tips on how and where to hit your upcoming shot.
Using a stylus on-screen to manipulate images is very intuitive, like using a pencil or brush to draw and paint.
And yet it never occurred to them to go home and use a real gun to act out the on-screen violence.
Writing short e-mails is practical using the on-screen keyboard, and reading e-mails is fine.
How did you assemble your on-screen subjects, namely the factory workers?
The remaining buttons are for navigating and making selections on the serviceable on-screen menu.
The problem is that the actors seem to be less in synch than their on-screen alter egos.
After all, there's no reason to suffer through an unstyled printout when our on-screen design is so robust.