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omnibus / омнибус, однотомник, автобус
имя существительное
omnibus, bus
omnibus, omnibus volume
bus, coach, autobus, omnibus, charabanc, motorbus
имя прилагательное
public, popular, exoteric, omnibus, free-for-all
имя прилагательное
comprising several items.
Congress passed an omnibus anticrime package
имя существительное
a volume containing several novels or other items previously published separately.
an omnibus of her first trilogy
a bus.
Yet this tableau of horse-drawn omnibuses , coaches, carts, bicycles, and ubiquitous Cooks Tour advertisements is more than one of moment: it validates an epoch of Britain's prosperity and London's greatness.
‘Anger and sadness are not uncommon today to those who still care for the history of this marvellous city’, writes Llewellyn-Jones bluntly in the preface to this omnibus edition.
That leaves seven measures as candidates for folding into an omnibus package.
A mainstream newspaper is therefore an omnibus vehicle that packages a number of distinct products.
There is the inevitable clop-clop of a horse, the rumble of a motorised omnibus , the further ambient uproar of the great city's life.
The Senate never voted on many of the separate funding measures before they were submitted as part of the massive and unamendable omnibus bill; and, indeed, many of the measures were never even subjected to debate.
I had borrowed a friend's omnibus edition of Life Studies and For the Union Dead, and something in me said: ‘This is it!’
I couldn't agree more with Zizek that modern capitalism makes omnibus promises (mostly implied) that result in silly stuff like chocolate Ex-Lax and the decaf latte.
For instance, first-wave reforms were sometimes part of omnibus education bills that included other policy changes, such as increased spending on K - 12 education.
In summary, in an omnibus sense the amendments in this bill may seem to be just a tidy-up, but I want to come back to the first one.
In reviewing a stack of recent volumes sent for this omnibus , I was struck by the number of times the subject arose, in one form or another.