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omit / пропускать, не включать, упускать
miss, skip, pass, overlook, miss out, omit
не включать
omit, leave out
miss, lose, neglect, omit, leave out, let go
leave out or exclude (someone or something), either intentionally or forgetfully.
a significant detail was omitted from your story
Of course they omit to mention that their slice of the pot, i.e. trading commissions, will be higher as a result.
the doctors may omit to tell you until they're sure
Given such a barrage of facts, maybe I can understand why the city is omitted from many European tours.
The Tories have unfairly omitted to mention that the government is treating refugees appallingly.
She omitted to mention that my son from my previous marriage now lives with me.
Similarly he omits to mention that the service standards that might be expected from each level of taxation were actually published by the council in early December.
In the above, semi-comic account, Dickens omits to mention his own heroic conduct in aiding the injured and dying.
As such, although these points are presented in Fig.7, the data were omitted from analysis of covariance.
This story was omitted from last week's paper due to a technical error.
She omitted to mention that the race was the first of this year's super bike grand prix held at different venues all over the world.