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omission / упущение, пропуск, опущение
имя существительное
omission, lapse, flaw, overlook, dereliction, default
pass, skip, omission, permit, gap, out
omission, prolapse, lowering, prolapsus
имя существительное
someone or something that has been left out or excluded.
there are glaring omissions in the report
Still except for sundry exceptions of inadequate transference and omission , he renders them competently.
He has lied large and small, directly and by omission .
to pay compensation for a wrongful act or omission
Call it government by commission and omission .
It's as clear an example in recent memory of committing bias by omission .
This type of case is complicated by the fact that the key element in D's conduct is an omission , the failure to alert V to the fact that the normal assumptions were untrue.
A final omission from Frank's work is a discussion of her role as an academic.
I do not, for example, unfold my handkerchief before putting it in my pocket in the mornings, and apparently by this omission I am taking quite a risk.
This has been a glaring omission from other farm management texts, but one that has become more important with growth in the global economy.
It is those two civil wars, of 1641 and 1688, that stand as the largest omission from Thady's narrative.