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omen / предзнаменование, знак, примета
имя существительное
omen, portent, sign, augury, presage, prognostic
sign, mark, character, symbol, badge, omen
sign, omen, token
herald, portend, presage, foreshadow, forebode, omen
служить предзнаменованием
имя существительное
an event regarded as a portent of good or evil.
the ghost's appearance was an ill omen
Under the violent rain whose splashes make them almost invisible, the ornamental fish of auspicious omen turn slowly in their pools.
It seemed a suitably surreal omen for the journey.
The egg has, during the span of history, represented mystery, magic, medicine, food and omen .
Or is placing a feathered creature upon the shoulders considered an even bleaker omen than shooting one?
He wondered if maybe she had been some kind of omen , a harbinger of the chaos that was enveloping the entire SpaceHold.
Nor does he believe in the evil eye, bad omen , and that kind of stuff.
the ghost's appearance was an ill omen
In our happy innocence, we all theorized what this good omen might have signified.
On 14 June, a meteor was seen to fall into the Turkish camp, a very good omen .
the ghost's appearance was an ill omen