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omelette / омлет, яичница
имя существительное
omelet, omelette, scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs, omelette, omelet
I'd like an omelette plain and a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast.
Unlike a classic omelette , you serve it open and finish it off under a grill so that it is set in the middle.
a cheese omelette
Growers and ranchers start the day with frittatas, omelets , or chicken-fried steak and three eggs in this historic shack just off the Carneros Highway.
Alongside the roast beef, a cook prepared fresh omelettes and pasta.
But there are sandwiches, omelettes , baked potato fillings, pasta sauces for when you are running on empty, and a picture of Karmel and her glowing offspring to inspire you to try harder when you reach for the freezer door.
My dish there was an omelet with American cheese and onions.
The things I can manage are omelettes , Caesar salads and macaroni-and-cheese.
Fresh and colorful alfalfa sprouts, crisp and crunchy mung bean sprouts, or any of the half dozen other kinds of raw sprouts sold in America today add taste and texture to salads, sandwiches, soups, omelets , and other dishes.
The menu includes jacket potatoes, omelettes , pizza, and panini, and we wouldn't hesitate to have another snack here if the opportunity arose.