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omega / омега, конец, завершение
имя существительное
end, ending, stop, finish, tip, omega
completion, perfection, end, conclusion, finality, omega
имя существительное
the twenty-fourth, and last, letter of the Greek alphabet (Ω, ω), transliterated as ‘o’ or ‘ō.’.
Ah, yes, the round letters are quite small; yes, the omicrons and omegas seem to hover, there, in the middle of the line.
a 100Ω resistor
We are the alpha and the omega in seashore dining and freshly prepared gourmet seafood.
the omega point
After all, her father was a maths teacher who knew his alpha from his omega .
the omega point
He is the alpha and the omega , the principle and the end, the foundation stone and the keystone, the plenitude and the plenifier.
An alpha leads a pack, and the omega is the lowest standing.
That's the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega , and there's no exceptions.
What letter is before omega in the Greek alphabet?
I think those guys who talk about animals on the telly, like that old Brit guy, would term me ‘the omega of the pack’.
Alpha, rho, tau, sigma, omega , Ash went over the letters he saw in his mind while Lari just stared, apparently in her own little world.