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olympian / олимпиец, обитатель Олимпа, греческий бог
имя существительное
обитатель Олимпа
греческий бог
имя прилагательное
Olympic, Olympian
majestic, magnificent, stately, grand, sublime, Olympian
indulgent, lenient, forgiving, permissive, gracious, Olympian
имя прилагательное
associated with Mount Olympus in northeastern Greece, or with the Greek gods whose home was traditionally held to be there.
These personal advisers were the alleged well-spring of Olympian justice, as Zeus meted out punishment with the same reckless abandon that he exercised in chasing his paramours.
relating to the ancient or modern Olympic Games.
Thus the locals put behind the disappointment of not able to witness the Olympian medallist in action.
имя существительное
any of the twelve Greek gods regarded as living on Olympus.
Besides the twelve Olympians , Demeter and Dionysios, the gods of wheat and wine, have a significant impact on the daily lives of mortals.
a competitor in the Olympic Games.
As an Olympian I know how special it is to earn the honor of representing the USA.
He was a two-time Olympian , placing fourth in the 1964 Olympic Games.
What's surprising is how often judges - including many with Olympian reputations - have sounded off about legal questions and controversies.
In consequence, the Olympians are a superhuman but disreputable warband: no place for an intellectual!
This challenged the accepted view of the stars as dead heroes placed in the firmament by the Olympian gods.
These men represent the Olympians of black business, having employed tens of thousands, achieved major milestones in commerce, and broken barriers for legions of African Americans.
This way, so Zeus believed, the king of the Olympians could deny the charge of infidelity leveled at him by his spiteful and jealous wife, Hera.
His Olympian incorruptibility never rings true.
They regard an Olympian detachment from the concerns of most unionists as a mark of non-sectarian virtue and are happy for company in the wilderness.
Making an entrance befitting any Olympian athlete, Frances arrived in Emily Square in an open top vintage car, accompanied by her chauffeur for the night.
It's pretty much my own personal mythology ‘what if’ scenario, where the Olympians wake up one day and realize their children have usurped control of the collective unconscious.