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oleander / олеандр
имя существительное
имя существительное
a poisonous evergreen Old World shrub that is widely grown in warm countries for its clusters of white, pink, or red flowers.
Between the ruins grew cypresses and oleanders , hibiscus, myrtle and wild roses.
The ingestion of azalea, oleander , castor bean, sago palm, Easter lily (in cats, only) or yew plant material by an animal can be fatal.
Yellow butterflies flit from golden lantana bushes to the pink and white oleander blooms.
It may be quite tempting to turn your back on mankind behind hedges of bougainvillea, oleander , or myrtle.
Many of his imports - including hibiscus, azalea, cassia, magnolia, oleander , croton and jasmine - permanently altered the Jamaican scene.
This leads directly to the garden room with its thriving oleander , banana plant and mature vine.
The gardens emphasize native plants, perennials and trees, with accents provided by soft hues of roses, oleander , rhododendrons, agapanthus and more.
Palms, ancient olives, oleanders , plus white walls and a bunch of tall palm trees lend this 15 th-century masseria a Moorish air.
Within the park, visitors can meet some unique trees and plants such as, per example, oaks, cedars, oleanders , arbutus, and the Alpine lily lilium cholcedonium.
Between the ruins grew cypresses and oleanders , hibiscus, myrtle and wild roses.
Enormous oleanders with white flowers lined the generous-sized backyard, providing unexpected privacy to such a large plot of open ground.