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oldie / олди
старое произведение
имя существительное
an old song, film, or television program that is still well known or popular.
My friend stayed in the room that had the live band playing oldies and top forty songs.
A pop song from the 1980s played on the speakers, a musty oldie , something about childhood, a song about innocence.
Some major record companies have been pushing to introduce flexible pricing, charging more for hit songs and less for oldies , for example.
The first three are classic oldies , the fourth and fifth are recent pop hits, and the next three should be familiar to any music geek worth their salt.
Some Saturdays we play all oldies and others we play so many different songs.
Clare's songs are again a mix of favourite oldies and cracking originals, not a misfire among them, taking in pop, big band and samba but possessing a distinctive style.
Shadow sings selections from British and American musicals for the first part and her original songs, together with Shanghai oldies , in the second.
They played oldies , and most of the people there were around our age.
Many new games, but also a few oldies were played during the 7th Ludopathic Gathering.
Why would a record company place a newly discovered work of art on an album that's a collection of oldies and call it a bonus track?
There was an amusing mix of classical and oldies in the film.