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old-time / старинный, прежних времен, принадлежащий к прошлому
имя прилагательное
old, ancient, antique, oldest, older, old-time
прежних времен
принадлежащий к прошлому
имя прилагательное
relating to or characteristic of the past; long-standing.
the charm of old-time steam engines
She sighed the familiar refrain, stinging as an old-time blues note: ‘All I have is the clothes on my back.’
I don't buy this little piece of old-time liberal self-flagellation, thanks very much.
Holland pursues an old-time Americana sound, without the academic self-consciousness or the intrusive musicianly flair that often soils such endeavours.
The old-time reactionary press barons are a dying breed - he is probably the last of his kind.
Too many artists who go for an old-time country sound end up sounding corny and cartoonish, insulting their favourite music rather than paying tribute to it.
But 2002 was also a year in which careers suddenly moved backward and forward as if reputations were determined by a spin of the wheel in an old-time children's board game.
What Califone have come up with is a real old-time down-home country-fried sound.
The festival had the best buck-dancers and cloggers that I'd encountered here, perfect for the old-time fiddle tunes and claw-hammer stuff that we play.
Still, the originals are mostly strong, and a few of the covers work surprisingly well when recast as old-time country pop tunes.
Like old-time blues singers, she sounds as if there's an eternal spiritual struggle raging, even when she doesn't name it.