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oilskin / непромокаемый плащ, тонкая клеенка, непромокаемый костюм
имя существительное
непромокаемый плащ
raincoat, waterproof, oilskin, slicker, rainsuit, mackintosh
тонкая клеенка
непромокаемый костюм
oilskin, oiler, oilers
имя существительное
heavy cotton cloth waterproofed with oil.
The man was dressed in a heavy, green oilskin waterproof jacket and trousers.
He then rolled the hide into a bundle, placed the bundle in an oilskin sack, and began leading the way back to their skiff.
So I donned my wellington boots, put on my waterproof coat and my oilskin hat, grabbed my brolly and went out for a short walk in the rain.
Does anyone know where I should take my oilskin jacket to be cleaned and de-moulded?
The oilskin clothes, fur gloves and boots are replicas of the Burberry outfits Shackleton used in his ill-fated expedition to cross the Antarctic.
A yellow oilskin hat and coat hung from a hook on the wall beside the door.
Grabbing the worn oilskin map out of his hands, Adria peered closely at the markings.
The man was dressed in a heavy, green oilskin waterproof jacket and trousers.
Stilmore dismounted, then reached into a saddlebag and brought out an object covered in protective oilskin .
Large drops of rain began to fall, and they laid groundsheets and put up their oilskin tents.
Her quiver of arrows had an oilskin cover to keep the arrows in and the snow and damp out.