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oilfield / месторождение нефти, нефтяной промысел
имя существительное
месторождение нефти
нефтяной промысел
имя существительное
an area of land or seabed underlain by strata yielding petroleum, especially in amounts that justify commercial exploitation.
The two countries are cooperating to finally resolve a longstanding dispute hampering the full exploitation of a rich oilfield .
A preliminary geological survey in February 1919 showed that the oilfield could be exploited only by a company ‘rich enough to face indifferent success or failure’.
Many contain economic deposits of coal and one, the Fang Basin in the north of the region, is the site of a producing oilfield .
By 1926 seismic survey methods had discovered an oilfield for the first time in the southern USA.
Sudan's minister of energy and mining announced last week the discovery of an oilfield in Darfur with abundant deposits.
She has been developing oilfields in Sudan and now Sudan supplies 5% of her oil consumption.
Viable oilfields were discovered in the North Sea off Scotland in 1971 and by November 1975 the Forties field was on stream.
There has been no systematic attempt to sabotage or destroy the oilfields , either in the south or the north.
A decision on the contract to store oil from the Atlantic Frontier oilfields has been delayed until later this month.
Rich diamond mines and oilfields in the country mean that a wide range of corporations and countries have an interest in the outcome of the war.