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oiler / масленка, смазчик, лубрикатор
имя существительное
oiler, lubricator, oilcan, butter-dish, greasebox
oiler, greaser, lubricator, oilman
имя существительное
a thing that holds or supplies oil, in particular.
oilskin garments.
The loss of the fleet oiler USS Pecos to Japanese action exacerbated the situation further.
Pat got into construction early, signing up with Boise-based Morrison-Knudsen Co. as a dragline oiler at age 22.
In the tale, as four men - a captain, a cook, an oiler , and a correspondent (Crane's alter ego) - battle perilous billows, they silently mull over the cosmic significance of their plight.
The time span will also allow contractors seeking to transform the ship into a Royal Australian Navy oiler to go onboard and assess what needs to be done and what equipment will be required.
And the USS Arctic, which is an oiler and a resupply ship, is heading down to be on station.
With similar dimensions, it will also match Westralia's capabilities once converted from an oiler to underway replenishment ship.
Their father worked in construction as a crane operator, oiler and mechanic.
Nato also has dispatched seven frigates, a destroyer, and an auxiliary oiler to the Mediterranean to take the place of American naval assets there.
The engine oiler had a painfully swollen jaw, apparently from an abscessed tooth.
It was not long after 26-year-old Jun started working as an oiler on board the Joint Spirit before he discovered the ship's dark secret.