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oilcloth / клеенка, промасленная ткань, линолеум
имя существительное
oilcloth, buckram, mat, wax-cloth
промасленная ткань
linoleum, lino, oilcloth, floorcloth
имя существительное
fabric treated on one side with oil to make it waterproof.
The sides are draped with oilcloth so that no one can look in.
A used rocking chair was my bed, and when I found food, a soiled blue oilcloth was my table.
He undid the layers of oilcloth and canvas, relieved that they had kept the twigs and shaved wood dry.
David leaned over and reached into his pocket, and came out holding a small flat bundle wrapped in oilcloth .
When the lid is down, the pine becomes evident, although tack holes indicate that the writing surface was originally covered with oilcloth , hiding the lesser wood.
From tents and dresses and beach towels to oilcloth and pencil cases and dog beds, Kidston makes a mind-boggling assortment of products.
A short while later, Judd came out again holding an object wrapped in oilcloth .
Lilac wallpaper and oilcloth on pantry shelves say he was married, and scattered toys suggest children.
There was oilcloth on the floor, which was old and torn.
Once again, the small oilcloth covered parcel caught her eye and she checked its contents.
In the other were chairs and wooden tables covered in a kind of oilcloth .