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oik / oik
имя существительное
an uncouth or obnoxious person.
So, in conclusion, one might say that the answer to criticism is not to come clean but to bamboozle the oiks who criticise you.
Giles is a philandering upper-class oik , relentlessly snotty and stultifyingly snobbish.
Behind the bar is Steve, a clumsy, almost heroically inept young oik .
Cannington could just about stand being this oik 's godfather, but the fact that he was related to him by blood made it even worse.
I actually agree with something coming out of the mouth of the foul-mouthed oik that is Noel.
Look you oik , either you pay up or we'll turn over your plot to a local yuppie who really deserves it.
I felt a real oik reading books related to my course which were not on the reading list.
Here, a spotty oik wearing a baseball cap and a name badge asks if you want fries with that.
Now some oik with my name is living the life of Riley while here I am worrying about the size of my overdraft and how I'm going to pay the next instalment on my mobile phone!
Where dissent rears its ugly head let us behave with studied disdain and act as if some oik has committed some dreadful faux pas and ignore the blighter.
The neo-romantic oiks who famously heckled him in 1994 drew scant response from the audience.