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ogle / строить глазки, кокетничать, нежно поглядывать
строить глазки
flirt, coquet, ogle, dally
нежно поглядывать
имя существительное
влюбленный взгляд
stare at in a lecherous manner.
he was ogling her breasts
имя существительное
a lecherous look.
In Shakespeare's time an oeillade was an amorous glance or an ogle .
We were undressing the merchandise with their eyeball, all ogle , no cash.
And what about all those who have stolen a quick ogle at the stewardesses…
When a policeman stops our heroine, it's love at first ogle .
Researchers have discovered that a 10-minute ogle at women's breasts is as healthy as half-an-hour in the gym.
The death look was followed by a scrutinizing stare, and then into what seemed like an ogle .
She wasn't there for the music, just a bit of an ogle .
By the time we have walked along the cloying pebble beach for a few hundred yards, our strength has been sapped too much to attempt the obligatory nonchalant ogle at the nudist beach further along.
Watching Andrew's leering ogle , Alaina once again lost her temper.
a vaguely erotic ogle
In Shakespeare's time an oeillade was an amorous glance or an ogle .