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often / часто, зачастую, много раз
often, frequently, thick, oft, oftentimes, constantly
often, frequently
много раз
over and over again, often, many a time, oftentimes, scores of times, ofttimes
frequently; many times.
he often goes for long walks by himself
We often visit him in London and now he is coming down to have dinner with us here.
Much of his life was spent near or on the breadline and he was often dependant on patronage.
he walks out in the countryside fairly often
There is no pressure at this stage and that often opens the mind and the answer appears.
she doesn't practice often enough
No set of data will exactly fit a pattern but often a clear trend can be found nonetheless.
This is a common infection and is often caused by a combination of fungi and bacteria.
it's not often that I get letters
It is vital that we create conditions which mean more people are keen to walk more often .
vocabulary often reflects social standing