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oft / часто
often, frequently, thick, oft, oftentimes, constantly
This week of the opening of the baseball season is an appropriate time to recall an incident that has oft been mistold in the retelling.
The textile industry, oft hailed as a saviour to poor countries with abundant cheap labour, hasn't boomed as expected.
Yet the course of true love oft runs at the side to father's hate.
The other oft trotted-out truism is that the yard supports far more people than just the shipbuilders.
He even won one at Blackburn, a fact oft forgotten.
She questioned the Government's oft repeated announcements of winning the hearts and minds of people.
There is another more serious allegation, oft repeated, that I'd like to lay to rest.
Those jokes will certainly be oft repeated during the course of the current federal election campaign.
It was a touchstone for unity in an oft fractured region.
The oft heard phrase in football is that defense wins games.