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offspring / потомок, отпрыск, плод
имя существительное
descendant, child, offspring, descendent, scion, progeny
offspring, scion, child, sprig, offset, outgrowth
fetus, fruit, offspring, growth, foetus
litter, offspring, get
result, outcome, effect, output, product, offspring
имя существительное
a person's child or children.
the offspring of middle-class parents
Bird watchers will also be able to see the adult male teach his offspring how to snatch fish from the lake over the next few weeks.
It could be argued that parents subsidising their offspring 's first house purchase is not necessarily a good thing.
The offspring of control animals were kept under the same conditions.
the offspring of middle-class parents
Admittedly, for its target audience of parents and accompanying offspring this is a safe bet.
Humourless and heavy-hearted love only produces hate as its offspring .
Those calves include the offspring of the cow that tested positive for the disease.
When my offspring were tiny, it was the thing that made it so you could tell which of their drawings was of me.
Many parents moan about their offspring rising at the crack of dawn.
European boars interbred with the Polynesians' small pigs, and the offspring ran wild.