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offside / вне игры
вне игры
имя существительное
положение вне игры
правая сторона
right, face, face of cloth, offside
имя существительное
the fact or an instance of being offside.
They'd start shouting for offsides or a penalty claim.
имя прилагательное
(of a player in certain sports) occupying an unlawful position on the field, in particular.
They managed it by surviving the first scrum and forcing their opponents offside , allowing O'Gara to kick them ahead from short range.
Robinson added the extra two and a further penalty when the visitors strayed offside .
Instead he blamed Newcastle's opening goal four minutes from the break, tucked away by Nolberto Solano from an apparently offside position.
Drogba has a goal - very similar to Terry's, but from a free-kick on the other side - disallowed for offside .
Cardiff's first points came in the 22nd minute when promising young centre, Lee Thomas, punished a Glasgow offside with a penalty.
Hawks seemed to have won the battle of wills when they were awarded the scrum for an accidental offside .
Senegal get the ball into the Turkey goal after a mad scramble which had seen Camara block it on the line (I have no idea why) in an offside position.
His long-range shot flew in off a post but the linesman saw a player standing in an offside position.
A Pusam official protested the goal, saying the ball was kicked from an offside position.
The visitors clearly felt that the Trojans' player was in an offside position and they continued their protests long after the final whistle.
It was chalked off for a marginal offside although that didn't stop him playing up to the away fans beside the goal with a celebration dance.