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offshore / в открытом море
в открытом море
offshore, outside
имя прилагательное
произведенный за границей
имя прилагательное
situated at sea some distance from the shore.
this huge stretch of coastline is dominated by offshore barrier islands
made, situated, or conducting business abroad, especially in order to take advantage of lower costs or less stringent regulation.
deposits in offshore accounts
relocate (a business or department) to a foreign country to take advantage of lower costs.
firms had offshored some activities by early 2004
As you pointed out, these are industries that go offshore .
On the strip between the ocean and coastal mountains, offshore winds carry moisture-laden air which is dumped onto the land.
Denmark has the world's two largest offshore wind parks and generates an estimated 15 percent of its power from wind turbines.
The developers have also built 300 islands, 4km offshore , in the shape of a map of the world.
They can be taken quickly out from the beach in offshore wind and tidal conditions.
‘We then turned our attention to the offshore oil-and-gas industry, a very difficult market to break into,’ said White.
She was discovered two miles offshore , despite dense fog, by a surprised fisherman.
A little island offshore houses monks and seals.
Williams, a self-made millionaire, has interests in the offshore oil industry, telecommunications and tourism.
A minor oil spill has not marred what has been a successful offshore oil drilling operation at Dongara, according to the major stakeholder company.