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offload / разгружать, избавиться
unload, discharge, offload, dump, disgorge, detrain
escape, dispose of, kick, offload, liquidate, kill off
unload (a cargo).
men were offloading bags of salt
Luckily, Linux makes it possible to set up workstations with minimal Linux installations that offload most of the work to a powerful, central server.
A decision on the contentious breakwater, a rail spur for trains to offload and collect cargo, has delayed the tender process since the team first met in September last year.
Before I cover the combat, I'll offload all the negative comments I have.
They offload them at their factory outlets or sell them to furniture warehouses.
The teachers from the orphanage immediately formed a line to help us offload our cargo.
To provide the highest possible server performance, the vendor may want to offload as much I / O processing as possible from the server CPU to the HBA.
it would be nice to have been able to offload your worries onto someone
‘Hairdressing salons are no longer the place to go to have your hair restyled, you can chill out, get a massage or go in and talk to your stylist and offload all your problems,’ says the writer.
We're going to drop in on Deidre's mum and offload most of our luggage, taking only overnight bags with us to Sydney.
it would be nice to have been able to offload your worries on to someone