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officious / официозный, назойливый, навязчивый
имя прилагательное
officious, semiofficial
intrusive, importunate, officious, obtrusive, tiresome, shrill
intrusive, obsessive, obtrusive, haunting, officious, fixed
имя прилагательное
assertive of authority in an annoyingly domineering way, especially with regard to petty or trivial matters.
a policeman came to move them on, an officious, spiteful man
His officious and arrogant attitude towards players has also, remarkably, gone unpunished.
An officious man forced me to wait by the door as another patron was seated.
Our underlying concern is that we could get one or two officious people policing it.
Ralph was eager to talk to Alex about something important, but he was interrupted by Edward who was busy being officious .
I have little doubt that they would have said so to an officious bystander.
The problems are that it easily becomes a weapon in the hands of the officious , ignorant and punitive supervisor.
And if you throw into the mix Southport's officious stewards then the ugly was very much on display as an end of season clash became spicier than anyone could have thought.
The hotel manager in Gansu is officious , just like the clean, well-appointed government facility she oversees.
Had an officious bystander raised the possibility, can one doubt that George would have ridiculed it?
Two social workers arrived at my place of work two weeks later and in a very high handed and officious manner insisted on ‘interviewing’ me in front of my staff.